Resources + Credits

-Art Resources

Anatomy of the Human Body- Proko's Anatomy Playlist
Circle Line Art School- Perspective tutorials
How to Learn Digital Painting- by Sinix Design
Line of Action- Great for gesture drawings
Comic Book Grammer
Asaro Head- 3D render of the basic shapes of the head

Free Art Programs

Fire Alpaca- First free art program that I used!
Krita- Has really good brushes for digital painting and animation features.
Blender- For 3d arts.

Blender Tutorials

Froggy Tutorial- This one really helped me understand blender!
Blender Beginner Exercises- This show different ways of creating shapes in blender. Very helpful.

-Neocities Site Help


Visual Studio Code- Code editor that I use!
HTML Crash Course- HTML basics.
W3Schools- Has plenty of resources and tutorials to help with your site!
Beginners Guide to Neocities- by sadgrl.
Sadgrl's Layout Builder- layout builder.
Learn CSS Positions in 9 Minutes- CSS positons tutorial.
Learn CSS Grid in 20 Minutes- CSS grid tutorial.
FlexBox Froggy- little game to help understand the flex feature.


Style-my-tooltips jQuery plugin-
Lightbox Image Gallery Tutorial-


Gifcities- GIF Archive!
Background Archive - Where I got some of my backgrounds!

-Fun Stuff

Astrology Personal Portrait
Physics Simulation Game
The Fancy Pants Adventures


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