Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Island Name: CroakOak
Creation date: 03/19/2020
Fruit: Pear
Dream Address: N/A


My first time ever playing animal crossing was when my sister borrowed a copy of City Folk from her friends on the Wii. We only played it a couple times before giving it back, but I remember really liking Celeste’s observatory! In 2015, I got really into animal crossing when my sister let me play her copy of New Leaf on her 3ds. I would come home after school, call my friends and go to Tortimer island to play the mini games. Later in the year, I got my very first 3ds and my own copy of New Leaf when I moved back to Arizona. I spent countless hours on that game for about 2 years straight to help keep me occupied when I was feeling lonely. I don’t really play New Horizons as much as I used to when I was a kid but I do usually play non stop for hours and take a break for a few months.


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